Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Sinister Sea

Smashing waves catapult onto the wooden lighthouse as the lighthouse keeper struggles to keep his balance. The waves and wind are sinister as they smash onto the lighthouse. The wind howled evilly and the waves splashed with rage. Those sinister waves were foamy like snow but they were also violent. The waves acted as if they were alive.

By Tessa

Moment in Time - week three

Another cool image to encourage exciting, descriptive writing.  Descriptions of how the water felt, the force that came from the wave and how the man in the lighthouse felt having this wall of water coming towards him were written about this week.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Invertebrate Inquiry

Our inquiry focus is looking at different types of invertebrates. Brooke and Megan looked at the centipede on Friday.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tessa's Moment in Time

The Terrifying Shock 

Splash! Bam! Crash! Water spat and hissed. Waves smashed against the wharf. Suddenly out of nowhere a gigantic wave rose out of the deep. I heard screams and yells of terrified people running for there lives. Soon me, Amber and Molly were the only ones on the wharf. Molly asked with a trembly voice "if we run we could survive,  but if we don't we could be the first people to survive this massive wave."I said with a determined voice "We will stay here!"Amber suddenly yelled "It's coming closer!" I grabbed Molly and Amber's hand "1 2 3." Splash! Everything went...

Moment in time writing

We have started 'moment in time' writing.  We have to describe what is happening in the picture at that particular moment in time.  We are concentrating on using descriptive language and using punctuation to make our sentences sound more exciting.   We found it hard to write about just that moment in time and not extend it to include what happened later.  This picture was our inspiration.

Katie's moment in time

The Giant wave

I am standing next to the wharf and a giant wave bigger than all the rest has just hit the wharf. I
am running as fast as a rocket.  It looks like a sea giant, or a sea cloud or a lot of snow. I am scared and sad. Other people are running and driving away from me.They are going to tall buildings in their cars and putting their foot flat to the floor! I wonder if they are going to survive, or if I'm going to survive!