Saturday, 26 March 2011

Due to popular demand! The Springston Explorers News!

This video was a real hit at Friday's assembly. We decided to make it when we were planning what we wanted to do in assembly on Monday. We knew we wanted to make a video and that we wanted Nanas to be in it. Some how we came up with the awesome idea to interview him. We then raced around the school to find the other classes mascots too and got writing interview questions.
We talked about what makes a good question and got writing!
We then interviewed the mascots. We made up answers where we could and asked the teachers from their classes the questions we couldn't answer.
Then it was time to get filming!
The credits at the end of the video show who did what parts and there are some people who didn't get the chance to be involved this time but I am sure they will be keen next time!

I am really proud of how the children went and you should know that I only did the editing using imovie at the end of the process.

I hope this is the start of regular news broadcasting from the Springston Explorers!
Watch our Hilary and Mike!

What an assembly!

Our class was in charge of running this weeks assembly.
We tried really hard to be self managing and to help Mrs Watson set up the hall.
We all had special things to remember to take over to the hall.
Mrs Watson was the one who forgot an important cord! Whoops! Luckily another teacher came to the rescue to make the speakers work!
After our hick up at the start everything went really well. The children who spoke did a really good job and we were really self managing about sitting the right way.
Our singing was beautiful and everyone loved our video!

Thank you to the parents who helped pack away the seats at the end.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Springston Explorers in action!

This weekend I found a cool website for publishing photos. We will be using it to share photos and learning more often because it looks pretty cool!