Saturday, 26 March 2011

Due to popular demand! The Springston Explorers News!

This video was a real hit at Friday's assembly. We decided to make it when we were planning what we wanted to do in assembly on Monday. We knew we wanted to make a video and that we wanted Nanas to be in it. Some how we came up with the awesome idea to interview him. We then raced around the school to find the other classes mascots too and got writing interview questions.
We talked about what makes a good question and got writing!
We then interviewed the mascots. We made up answers where we could and asked the teachers from their classes the questions we couldn't answer.
Then it was time to get filming!
The credits at the end of the video show who did what parts and there are some people who didn't get the chance to be involved this time but I am sure they will be keen next time!

I am really proud of how the children went and you should know that I only did the editing using imovie at the end of the process.

I hope this is the start of regular news broadcasting from the Springston Explorers!
Watch our Hilary and Mike!


  1. Wow Springston Explorers! That was very impressive. Your questions were very thoughtful. We hope that this is the start of a regular broadcasting, too.

  2. Dear Springston Explorers
    Well done for asking some thoughtful open questions. I enjoyed watching your video and meeting all of the class mascots.
    We have a class mascot in B4 too. Quicksilver is a kea, and he is enjoying going home with the children and spending time at their houses.

    What are your favourite assembly items to do? Lots of B4 children enjoy reading their writing at assembly.

    from Mrs McKenzie

  3. Wow - what a wonderful first effort with videoing your own news report. I had no idea we had so many class mascots at school and found your news very interesting and informative. You put a lot of work into the questions, and did a great job of reading and answering them. You were just like the news reporters on TV! Keep up the great work!


  4. That was excellent. I loved all the interesting reports on the class mascots. What great reporters too!!!!


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