Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jessica's Snow time fotobabble

Jessica has fotobabble at home and she has made a fotobabble about the snow. 

Challenge Questions: 
What is snow made out of? 
What makes snow melt? 


  1. How wonderful, Jessica, to see you creating Fotobabbles about your learning at home on your iPad. Snow certainly is interesting, as long as it doesn't hang around TOO long :-)

  2. Awesome fotobabble that you did at home.


  3. To Jessica
    That is a great fotobabble you made.
    Snow is made out of little ice crystals.
    From Zac and the Springston Explorers

  4. Hi Jess
    She said lots of interesting thing.
    Snow melts by rain and sun.
    From Robbie and the Springston Explorers


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