Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ben and Lilly-Maree talking about the flooding.

At Coes Ford there is a big flood from all the rain we've been having. We talked about who and what the flooding affects and then Ben and Lilly-Maree created a Fotobabble about it.

Please listen to our ideas and write a comment if you want to.

From Springston Explorers


  1. Lilly and Ben you had loud voices

    From Anna

  2. Awesome fotobabble Lilly and Ben looking forward to see what else you are up to. Keep up the good work guys. By Taylah.

  3. Nice photo babble Lily-Maree and Ben. Hope the floods stop soon and the sun shines. from Estee.

  4. Oh no i hope you are not there.

    by Bella k

  5. hi ben and lillymaree
    that was very interesting, great work

    by jaimee and kim

  6. Wow Lilly and Ben that was awesome !!!!


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