Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our Friend Wall

We are working on being good friends in Room 1 and 2. We decided to make a big wall of goals that we can try and do every day at break times and in the classroom.

We have flowers with our names on them and we put them next to a goal that we want to try harder at. We think it looks great.

By Bridget, Mackenzie and Lachie.


  1. Hi
    It wil be cool if you put all of them on
    The blog.


  2. well done room2 that sounds very A+
    by Heather

  3. What beautiful flowers and beautiful ideas about friends. Anne and Robbie and Lucy

  4. I really like that idea Mrs Watson! It is very important to talk about how to be a good friend. I like how you have all set a persoal friendship goal. I think we will have to do this activity after the holidays.


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