Monday, 19 August 2013

Soil not Dirt!

We had a soil expert visit our class. Does anyone recognise her? Yes it's the wonderful Trish Fraser. 

Trish came and taught us all about why soil is so important. It is a living thing and because we have soil we can stay alive! 

What we mean is if soil wasn't there then the cows couldn't eat grass and we couldn't drink milk and eat meat. Also plants couldn't grow and give us food like vegetables. We also thought we couldn't live in houses because there would be no trees so we couldn't use the wood for building. And we couldn't use paper for writing. 

So many great ideas when we put our thinking caps on! 

But when we talk to Trish about soil we can't say dirt! 


  1. Hi

    It was fun seeing all the insets crowl around


  2. Cool as guys
    From Brigid

  3. Thank you trish for coming
    From Brigid. Caitlin


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