Friday, 1 November 2013


We have got off to a fabulous start in inquiry and we are so excited about working as a whole Year 2/3 team! 

Already we have learnt about the production line and had a full day making some wonderful pieces. The best thing we have learnt so far is that team work helps you get things accomplished faster. It was also great to learn about making a product together which means it doesn't belong to you. 

Here we are making pipe cleaner butterflies...

During another inquiry session we learnt about creating products to sell. We found out about words like 'demand' which means we have to think about who wants to buy our products. During this week, we were given $2.50 and a partner and we had to design a product that we could sell to the other children. We used the money to buy items like paper and tape to make our products. We made our products and then we had to sell them. We loved this and learnt other things like what it means to make a profit. 

Here we are buying and selling  products...

There were not many people who made a profit and lots of people lost money! 

We have chosen our inquiry groups this term and it is going to be very exciting to work together and make things for the market at the end of the year. We think we will sell lots and make money. 

Year 2/3 Springston Team 


  1. Hello rooms1 2 and 8 I'm glad to see all of you together and having fun

  2. Awesome learning
    Room 8. 1. 2.
    From Brigid


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