Monday, 28 February 2011

Canterbury Earthquake

To all our blogging friends who are worried about us here in Canterbury,

We are fortunate out here in Springston to have suffered minimal damage this time round.
We will be returning to school Tuesday 1st of March because our classrooms are safe and we have water and power.

We realise how lucky we are and that there are people much less fortunate.

We encourage you to support schools and the people of Christchurch that have suffered damage and loss.

Rachelle Watson and the Springston Explorers.


  1. Hello Explorers
    I am so glad to hear that you are all safe and ready to head back to school. I have been thinking of you and all the people in New Zealand who have been affected by the earthquakes. Good luck and stay happy
    From your friends in Australia
    Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  2. Miss Mac and A3March 02, 2011 3:26 pm

    Hi Springston explorers. We are very happy to hear that you are ok. Both the children and I have been worried about you and we have been thinking about all of the people in Christchurch. We wish you the best for your first week back at school.
    Miss Mac and A3


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