Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Our first day!

We have had a great first day back at school! We had lots of fun trying out the new furniture and we are getting used to the idea of not having to sit in the same place all the time.
Here are some photos of us in action today!

Springston Explorers First Day 2011


  1. Hi Springston Explorers and Mrs Watson! Welcome back to school. Your new furniture looks very flash. I like the chairs.

  2. Hi A4 and Miss Lepou!
    Thanks for your comment. We are very lucky to have our new furniture.
    We have got two little furry friends for Stu this year. Will post a photo of them later today.
    We hope you are loving being back at school!
    Mrs Watson and the Springston Explorers

  3. Hi Sringston Explorers, I'm glad you had such a great first day back at school. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and I'm looking forward to seeing the work you do this year.
    Miss Mac


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