Tuesday, 14 February 2012

"It's a miracle!" "This is the best day of my life!"

What had our children saying these fabulous things????

Our first butterfly!

Check out the photos of our first Monarch butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis. (You can click on the photos to see them bigger.)

We knew it wouldn't be long when we saw the chrysalis turn from green to a black colour.

 Look at the butterfly's wings drying out and taking shape.

Someone suggested we record what was happening in our diaries. We all jumped up and started writing down what we saw. 
Some people sketched a picture to show what they saw. 
We marked it as a special memory on our timeline. 


We are so glad that the chrysalis opened while we were in class so we could watch it happen. 
Have you seen a butterfly emerge from chrysalis before? 
What did you think? 
Do you have any questions for us to answer?


  1. Great photos of the butterfly hatching. I was impressed to hear that you successfully reattached the cocoon with sellotape after it fell off and it then still hatched okay... I would like you to find out how you can tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly?? My husband says a moth is just like a butterfly with his jammies off !!! Can you prove him wrong though and tell me the real answer??!!!

  2. HI Springston Explorers!
    We are Room 7 at Brooklyn School in Wellington. Our teacher is Miss McCullagh who is Mrs Watson's friend.

    We think it is amazing that you have a butterfly.
    We were wondering if your butterfly has a name?

    We have a blog too. You could check it out at http://mccullaghtrial.edublogs.org/. Keep up the blogging!

  3. Wow, what an amazing learning experience. We have a green chrysalis on our swan plant. We are really looking forward to when it hatches. We hope it opens while we are in the classroom and not during the weekend.


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