Thursday, 23 February 2012

Loving the library!

Every Wednesday we grab our reading folders and line up over at the library, excited that we will get to explore more books.
We are learning how to be great Shelf Elf helpers from a great book.

It has taught us to use our shelf markers to remember where we got a book from. We are practicing using these the right way. We can't wait to learn more from this great book.
When we find one we love be take it up to Mrs Winter to be zapped.
We love sharing the books we choose with our class mates before we go back to class.
After that we make sure it goes safely into our reading folder.


  1. Hi the library is fun for all the class students. Sam G

  2. Hi Sam G
    The library sure is fun!
    Well done for being such an adventurous Springston Explorer by commenting on our blog. Very impressive!
    We can share it with everyone on Monday.
    From Mrs Watson


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