Friday, 11 May 2012

Our Lovely Autumn Writing

My favourite learning we have done so far is our writing - we have delved into the world of poetry and what a fun time! First we started with exploring language, which gave the children opportunities to engage their senses through different items such as bubblewrap and playdough. 

Here are some groups writing their ideas down...

I love the way that they are all engaged in using their senses and in the activity. It was an amazing way to get some rich language and similes from them and they didn't even know they were coming up with such amazing ideas!

Once we did a bunch of 'explore' type sessions, we moved onto the writing. This came easily because of all our fantastic work in the beginning. Of course then we published and made them all pretty with Autumn colours using dye (The children take great delight in saying things like 'Can I dye now?', and 'Miss BT, I dyed, but I'm still alive'!).

Here's some of our published Haiku poems..

I can't wait to get the leaves up...and show you how we display them! Keep tuned for that in the next week or pop into the class to see the lovely writing...

Miss B-T

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