Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lachlan's fantastic snow writing!

Today it was snowing really hard. The ground is white and frozen everywhere. I had a snow fight with my friends and the snow ball went flying. Today it felt like I was in Antarctica because it was -2. I was icy cold. The snow was bumpy and melting. It was really windy with snow flakes and hail. Snow day was awesome.

By Lachlan

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  1. Dear Lachlan and all of the Springston Explorers
    I've really enjoyed reading Lachlan's writing and seeing all of the photos that you emailed in.
    What a lot of fun you had in the snow! ☃

    Fancy having to have the school closed for a couple of days! That must have been a lot of snow.

    We had snow in Reefton too, but the school stayed open. Most of our snow is now gone, except for some giant snowballs that the children made.

    from Mrs McKenzie


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