Monday, 15 August 2011

School Closed Monday 15th August

It is snowing again so school is closed today, Monday 15th of August.

It would be great to get some stories or poems up here on the blog about your experiences of the snow. If you write some fantastic words (or take some great photos), get an adult to email it to me so I can share them with everyone!

We will keep you updated about tomorrow.


  1. Today cold wet snow came,
    We played in it,
    We stayed in it,
    Until our feet froze.
    We loved it so much,
    We didn't want it to go.

    By Maggie Cahill

  2. Wow Maggie! That is a fantastic poem. We played in the snow today too. We made an igloo for Khan to play in!
    I hope our other Springston Explorers are enjoying the snow too!


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